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Can My Baby Feel Anything During Sex

Your baby may be aware of some movement when you have sex and also of a change in your heart rate, but they won’t be harmed by either.

You may find that bub responds to these sensations by moving around alot while your having intercourse or soon after. Similar to what you would expect after a work out.

Some women find this inhibiting, but it doesn’t mean the baby is uncomfortable and obviously they have no idea what it is you are doing, so you are not going to “damage” your baby in any way.

If you are lucky enough to reach an orgasm, your uterus will feel tight and you may have Braxton Hicks contractions, but again this is not dangerous for the baby.

Your bub is very well protected by the pool of amniotic fluid it resides in and the cervix is sealed closed by the strong mucus plug throughout pregnancy so there is no chance of semen getting in there. This protective little plug helps to also protect from infection.

Its important to note however, that you should still use caution if either party has a STI and protection should be worn.

While many women experience a heightened libido during pregnancy quite often the same can not be said for their partner.

Its quite common for your partner to withdraw from sex during pregnancy. Although its difficult, try not to talk this reluctance too personally. Most of the fears come from fear of hurting you or the baby.

Communication is key. Talk to your midwife or doctor who can provide a little reassurance around the topic and address any concerns he may have. Its really important to be open about how you are both feeling, so that it does not cause issues between you.

There doesn’t have to be a lot of intimacy for it to be effective. Even if you are are having less sex, take the time to be affectionate and show your partner you still want to be physically close.

Sex can be an amazing way of helping you bond as a couple through what can often be a challenging time.  Try to embrace your changing body and allow your partner to explore those changes too. The stress relief and serotonin released can do wonders for your pregnancy and help keep Mama happy and relaxed.

As you draw closer to the end of your pregnancy, sex is a great natural way of getting things moving along. The oxytocin (happy loved up hormone)  experienced during sex is the very same which is needed to get labour happening.

So go on Mamas, get your Mojo on, after all its likely how you got here in the first place :)