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Im scared to give birth – Do I have Tocophobia?

Ok, before doing any self diagnosis, lets start by defining what TOCOPHOBIA is exactly…

It’s described as  “an intense fear or dread of childbirth“.

There are two types of the Tocophobia condition:

Primary Tocophobia; which predates pregnancy and can start as early as adolescence and Secondary Tocophobia; which is associated with an earlier traumatic experience in childbirth.

This fear can manifest itself as nightmares, panic attacks or intense anxiety.

If you or your doctor believe you have tocophobia, you will usually be referred to a consultant obstetrician who specialises in mental health issues. Alternatively you may be referred to an appropriate psychologist to discuss the fears and past experiences that may be causing the condition.

In some cases hypnotherapy has been used successfully to help tackle any subconscious fears. However, if your fear of natural childbirth is too intense or cannot be overcome, an elective caesarean may be recommended.

I don’t think I have Tocophobia but I am anxious about giving birth, what can I do?

Anxiety about giving birth is completely natural and does not have to be as extreme as Tocophobia.

1- Try talking to your health care provider about any concerns, they can offer practical advice and information about what you can expect during birth and may eliminate any fear around a particular concern.

2- Avoid engaging in conversations about traumatic birth experiences, this will only re-enforce your fears and place unnecessary doubt and concerns in your mind.

3- To help relax and ease the anxieties you may be having, we recommend drinking MaterniTeas SereniTea blend daily.

The stress relieving herbs target the central nervous system and work to reduce tension, irritability and anxiety and helps facilitate better sleep.

Often excessive stress can cause sleeplessness and therefore amplify the feelings of anxiety further.

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