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Nurturing or Nuisance? The overprotective Dad-to-be.

Got Your Hands Full With An Overprotective Dad-To-Be?

Is your partner always questioning your choices such as the foods you eat or drink,  constantly checking in on you throughout the day, or insisting on lots of rest, fussing over you or not letting you do certain physical activities?

It can be incredibly frustrating and while some women enjoy all the extra attention others find it irritating and the catalyst for a bad mood.

Its completely natural for your partner to want to protect both you and your baby. However, for your own sanity over the 9 long months of pregnancy, you may need to help him find the right balance between nurture and space.

What could be causing this behaviour?

Did you know, that expecting fathers tend to have more vivid dreams than usual? It’s thought that pending fatherhood can make him think more deeply about his own background, roots or experiences in childhood and trigger dreams of parents and grandparents.

As he becomes more protective and nurturing he may even have a wild dream that he himself is pregnant! Crazy right?

How can I get him to ease up a little (or a lot) ?

If you are feeling irritated, it’s a good idea to ask your partner openly why they feel the need to be so protective. Is there an underlying issue, a fear or past experience that is weighing on his mind?

By understanding his feelings and concerns about the pregnancy or parenthood it can help you to be more empathetic and address some of those issues which can help you both enjoy and navigate the rest of your pregnancy more smoothly.

Take the time to also explain how you are feeling. How his protective instincts are appreciated but perhaps a little overbearing. Its important to let him know when your feeling great and everything is going well, not just the negative side effects pregnancy may bring. This can help instil peace, confidence and reassurance.

Some other great tips include:

  • Involving him in your regular antenatal appointments with your midwife or doctor can also be a great way to help put his mind at ease and have any concerns addressed by a professional.
  • Provide him with some reading material. There are some great books available specifically written for expecting dads.
  • Avoid having conversations with your friends about the negative or horror stories of pregnancy and childbirth around him. This could simply trigger more fear or concern.

Setting the foundations of open and honest communication during pregnancy is vital as you will both need to be able to master this skill as you encounter a variety of issues as parents

There will be a number of times throughout your child’s life that you may differ on opinions about how to raise the child, what boundaries to set and what’s in the best interest of the child.

Being able to talk through your feelings and concerns in a constructive format will go a long way to ensuring a healthy parenting partnership.

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