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Focused on promoting and supporting happy, healthy pregnancies.

MaterniTea has the world’s only complete Pregnancy Tea Program, providing specially formulated 100% organic and caffeine-free herbal tea blends, designed to support women at every stage of their pregnancy. From fertility, pregnancy and post-birth recovery, providing the right support at exactly the right time. MaterniTea is more than just a maker of tea, we fully support the pregnancy process with our dietitians, naturopaths and exercise physiologist sessions, specially designed tea ware,  pregnancy bath salts, a collagen infused coffee blend and a depth of articles to help deal with everything that your pregnancy experience might throw at you.

Tracey Leyshon - MaterniTea Founder & Director

Our reason for being

Tracey is a Certified Australian Tea Master and Aussie mum who discovered a passion for the benefits of Herbal Tea during her pregnancy.

After struggling with the common side effects of pregnancy herself, not to mention a traumatic delivery experience with her daughter, Tracey became inspired to learn as much as she could about improving the experience of pregnancy through the use of Herbal Organic Tea (or H.O.T Mum blends as she likes to call them). However, her vision for MaterniTea didn’t stop there. Tracey wanted to ensure that women are not only supported naturally through the use of her herbal tea blends but also through expert Diet, Nutrition and Exercise Programs especially tailored for pregnancy.

After travelling the world consulting with a team of professionals in women’s health, fertility and Naturopathy, she assembled a team of experienced professionals to bring MaterniTea to life.

Tracey’s has one very clear vision for MaterniTea – To help as many women around the world have Happy Healthy Pregnancies & Beyond.

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Health Consultations

Our Accredited Dietitians and Naturopaths are available for private consultations. They are experienced in dealing with all stages of the pregnancy cycle and can provide the right personalised advice to keep you and your new bub healthy and happy.

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Get the latest natural remedies, pregnancy exercises and tips to support every aspect opf your pregnancy and beyond. Written by mothers who have been there!

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