MaterniTea ChariTea Program

ChariTea 8

This blend has a very special story behind it and is part of our mission to support happy, healthy pregnancies and beyond. Long before the inspiration for MaterniTea came to our Founder Tracey Seymour, she made a promise to herself that she would one day find a way to give back as a way of repaying what she sees as her greatest gift – a beautiful, healthy child.

Sienna’s difficult start

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA After enjoying a normal, healthy pregnancy, the delivery of Tracey’s daughter Sienna was a traumatic experience that left Sienna fighting for life in intensive care. A complication during labour caused Sienna to suffer life-threatening meconium aspiration, leaving her struggling for breath. As soon as she was born, she was taken immediately from Tracey’s arms to the waiting NETS (Newborn Emergency Transport Service) medical team, who had flown in to try to save Sienna’s life. For several hours, Tracey and her partner could only wait and watch from a distance, unable to find the reassurance that their baby would be ok. Once she was stabilised, Sienna was transported by ambulance to specialist intensive care unit, with Tracey following not far behind. Over the days that followed, baby Sienna endured endless testing, tubes, needles, medications and setbacks. Her parents spent many hours sitting by her incubator crib praying for a miracle before they were finally told they could take their daughter home.

Giving back

Tracey was well aware that things could have ended very differently and that not all babies in the intensive care ward are able to go home. As she held Sienna in her arms and packed to leave the hospital, she promised herself that if she was ever in a position to give back to NETS, the service that saved Sienna’s life, she would. To keep her promise, Tracey has created the MaterniTea ChariTea 8 Program. As part of this program, 100% of profits from the ChariTea 8 blend (a special and delicious organic herbal blend designed for anyone to enjoy not just our mums-to-be) go towards a chosen relevant Charity each month.


The ChariTea 8 blend is ONLY available on the 8th day of each month. Don’t miss out on your chance to make a difference and help save many more beautiful babies. Simply go on line on the 8th where you can purchase directly from our web store or register your interest at [email protected] and we will send you a reminder. Why the 8th? Well, that was day Sienna was born :) These charities all provide vital funds that are needed to support the work of organisations that save the lives of children and babies. Establishing this part of MaterniTea is Tracey’s way of saying thank you and repaying the lifesaving gift that was offered to her daughter. If you know of a similar charity that you believe would also benefit from the MaterniTea ChariTea 8 Program, please get in touch and let us know at [email protected] ChariTea is available for individual sale, in loose leaf or pyramid tea bags. MaterniTea is dedicated to our Mission – Supporting Happy Healthy Pregnancies and Beyond.