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If you’ve got a question, we’ve got the answer…

* Ive signed up and paid now what?

Please check your emails including junk mail for an important email from us which asks you to complete a super quick form simply advising us what week of pregnancy you are in. Once you submit this we can send out the right blends for you and start you on your MaterniTea Journey.

* Are there any lock in contracts?

Nope, there are no lock in contracts on the MaterniTea Program. We are all about supporting our gorgeous MaterniTea Mums and providing flexible, stress free solutions to keep them enjoy a Happy Healthy Pregnancy & Beyond.

* Are the tea blends available for individual sale?

The MaterniTea blends have been carefully formulated to work together providing the right amount of support for you and your baby when you need it.  Therefore, to maximize their effectiveness they need to be taken as pat of the program so we do not offer them for individual sale. You are more them welcome to try a sample of blends if you’d like.

* Can I choose loose leaf or tea bag?

We understand that every women is different and we all have our own preferences on how we like our Tea. That’s what makes Maternitea even more special, we give our MaterniTea mums the choice of either loose leaf or Pyramid tea bags when you join the program. Its your pregnancy, your way!

* Can I switch any of the blends in my program?

The MaterniTea blends have been specifically designed as part of a unique program. Therefore, each blend has been individually chosen to support the exact stage of pregnancy you are in. By doing this it allows us to ensure the ingredients are safe and effective at all times.

* Can I book an Skype consultation with the Dietitian or Naturopath    outside of Australia.

Absolutely. The beauty of the MaterniTea Program is that it provides women across the globe with world class pregnancy support in Naturopathy and Dietetics via convenient Skype consultations. This means you can arrange your appointment at a time that suits you.

* How should I store my MaterniTea?

We supply all of our MaterniTea Blends in beautiful food grade resealable tins. Making them not only stylish but easy to store and access. We recommend storing in a cool dry space out of direct sun.

* What is your refund policy?

Please refer to our Trading terms and conditions for our full refund and exchange policy. If your unhappy with any of your MaterniTea products please contact us as soon as possible so we can help.

* Can I purchase extra tea?

We understand you’re probably going to love our blends and the temptation might be to buy more and indulge. However, we have created the program to ensure our MaterniTea mums are getting exactly the right support from our blends when they need it. So we don’t offer our Program blends for extra purchase, however, we do have some additional blends for available for you and the family, such as our BambiniTea for infants and children and our ViriliTea for the guys. Check those out on our blends under optional extras. We have our ChariTea blend. This is a great blend to help make a difference to the lives of little bubs. check it out on our ChariTea page.

* How many cups of tea does each pack make?

Each pack contains 35 serves. Each serve is 2gms per serve in either Loose Leaf or Pyramid Tea Bag.

* Can I book an appointment with the MaterniTea Naturopath or            Dietitian if I am not part of the VIP program?

Absolutely. We recommend our 45 minute kick-start appointments.  Here we will help you assess your lifestyle, health and nutritional requirements and recommend changes and provide tailored advice to make sure you’re on track for a happy healthy pregnancy. These appointments are also great for people who may have food intolerance’s or allergies who are looking for safe solutions while pregnant.

* What if I move house?

At any time you can log in to our account and update your address and any other important details. We recommend updating this information as soon as possible before your next delivery is due to arrive.

* What do I do if my baby arrives earlier than expected?

Please contact the MaterniTea Team as soon as possible by phone or email. We need to know as soon as you have had your baby as this will require us to switch your blends across to the Post Natal range and ensure your being supported with the correct blends.

* How can I track my order?

Once your monthly order has been dispatched you will receive an email from us which includes a tracking number. Use this to track your order. If you have any concerns about your order or it is taking longer than normal please contact us so we can help you.

* Disclaimer

Please consult your healthcare professional if you have any concerns before consuming our products. Our blends are not intended to be used as a replacement for meals, medications or to be used to treat or prevent any disease or illness.

As our products are a natural ingredient they are subject to seasonality, harvesting procedure and country of origin. For this reason the product may change slightly in appearance or texture from season to season.

All of the MaterniTea blends are manufactured in Melbourne Australia.