Health Consultations

For customised support during your pregnancy, our dietitians and naturopaths are on hand to provide one to one consulting services.

Advice and support tailored to your personal circumstances

With you every step of the way

Receiving expert advice and management plans can assist in ensuring a healthy pregnancy for you and your baby. This can be even more important if you have any specific concerns or challenges with your pregnancy. 

Our team is experienced in creating tailored plans to your needs, giving you additional peace of mind. We provide you with a pregnancy health assessment and ensure your diet and nutritional requirements are on track to provide your body and your baby with the right amount of nutrients and support. 

Our consultations will give you the confidence to know your pregnancy is being supported by industry experts and ensure you’re on the right track for a Happy Healthy Pregnancy and Beyond!

WOW, just WOW. Loving having my own personal dietitian who knows ME personally and helps me with my diet and meal plans. I have so many food intolerance that trying to stick to a healthy diet through pregnancy felt like an impossible task until I met Chloe. She keeps me on track and helps me find food choices that my body can handle but also provide the nutrients my baby needs.
Kaitlin, New York USA

Dietitian Consultation

Our team of highly qualified practicing dietitians can guide you through your pregnancy week by week, ensuring that you have the knowledge you need to eat well and feel well.

Particularly helpful for those who suffer from various medical conditions and food intolerance’s or where weight may be an issue.

Through private consultations either in-room or over Skype, you will learn about what foods you should and shouldn’t be including in your diet, why certain foods are important and how what you eat impacts you and your developing baby.

Only $105

(consultations usually valued at $150)

Naturopath Consultation

Our MaterniTea Naturopaths are qualified professionals specilalising in women’s health and fertility. They’ve joined the MaterniTea team to provide expert support to our MaterniTea Mums in a range of health and pregnancy related issues.
From pre conception and fertility support through to post natal lactation and weight loss support, our Naturopaths can provide you with individual advice and management plans to support you and your baby naturally. They can prescribe natural remedies, supplements and diet advice to help address your individual health requirements.
MaterniTea Naturopaths are available for private consultations either in-room or via skype to discuss any of your pregnancy or health concerns. If you’re looking for safe natural solutions customized specifically to your health and lifestyle factors, make an appointment with one of our MaterniTea Naturopaths today.

Only $105

(consultations usually valued at $150)

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