MaterniTea Program

Take the hassle out of deciding which Maternitea tea you need and when you need it. Join the Maternitea Program and we’ll send you three tea blends each month aligned to your stage of pregnancy.

By joining the program, you’ll never running out Maternitea again plus you’ll receive you ongoing support and tailored content from our accredited dietitians and naturopaths. And, when your baby is born, we’ll send you a special gift, just from us.

The program is excellent, they tailor the package sent to your current week/month of pregnancy. To ensure they are accurate they emailed me asking what week I was when I signed. Great Service.
Melanie Niebling
Maternitea Program participant

How does it work?

  • 1. Join the Maternitea program at any stage of your pregnancy journey.
  • 2. We'll send you 3 tea blends each month aligned your stage of pregnancy.
  • 3. As you transition through your pregnancy we'll change the blends to support your stage of pregnancy.
  • 5. Along the way you'll receive tailored weekly articles and information from dietitians and naturopaths for your week of pregnancy.
  • 6. When your baby is born, we'll send you a special gift just from us.

How much does it cost?

When you sign you, you can choose to receive your tea blends as tea bags or in loose leaf packets.

  • Loose Leaf - $57 per month
  • Tea Bags - $70 per month

How do I signup?

Signing up is as easy. Simply sign up below and pay for your first month and we will be in contact with you regarding your first pack. There are no lock in contracts and you can control your subscription directly in your My Account.

Our tea blends

Maternitea offers organic herbal teas which are 100% caffeine free.

Each the blend is crafted by Dietitians, Naturopaths and our very own Certified Tea Master for each stage of the pregnancy journey.

  • Out of stock

    FertiliTea, Female Fertility

  • Out of stock

    ViriliTea, Male Fertility

  • Out of stock
    First Trimester

    StabiliTea, Nausea Support

  • Sale!
    Out of stock
    Pregnancy Tea Blends

    PuriTea, Digestive Support

  • Out of stock
    Pregnancy Tea Blends

    CapaciTea, Raspberry Leaf Tea

  • Out of stock
    Post Natal

    SerendipiTea, Post Birth Recovery

  • Out of stock

    ProsperiTea, Breastfeeding Tea

  • Out of stock

    BambiniTea, Bubs & Kids Blend

Maternitea Program FAQs

Welcome! Please check your emails including spam/junk mail folders for an important email from us which asks you to complete a super quick form simply advising us what week of pregnancy you are in. Once you submit this we can send out the right blends for you and start you on your MaterniTea Journey.

Nope, there are no lock in contracts on the MaterniTea Program. We are all about supporting our gorgeous MaterniTea Mums and providing flexible, stress free solutions to keep them enjoy a Happy Healthy Pregnancy & Beyond.

The MaterniTea blends have been specifically designed as part of a unique program. Therefore, each blend has been individually chosen to support the exact stage of pregnancy you are in. By doing this it allows us to ensure the ingredients are safe and effective at all times.

Please contact the MaterniTea Team as soon as possible by phone or email. We need to know as soon as you have had your baby as this will require us to switch your blends across to the Post Natal range and ensure you are being supported with the correct tea blends.

Yes. You select from any or all of our herbal tea blends. Our Trimester packs however, come prepackaged with three blends most effective for that stage of pregnancy as designed by our experts.