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How It Works

MaterniTea Program – How It Works

Blends designed for each Trimester.

When you join the MaterniTea Program we’ll ask you which week of pregnancy you are in. This helps us to correctly identify which stage of the program to commence your MaterniTea Journey.

From then, each month you’ll automatically receive the 3 specific tea blends that have been pre-designed to optimise well-being during the exact stage of pregnancy you are in. One to drink for Morning, Noon and Night.

As you transition through each Trimester, as do the blends that you will receive. Ensuring you and your baby are getting the right support you need.

The beauty of the MaterniTea Program is that because each stage/ trimester of pregnancy has its own specific blends assigned, it provides women around the world the opportunity to start their MaterniTea Journey at any stage of their pregnancy. Simply tell us which week of pregnancy you’re in and we’ll get you started.

Its never too late to start, however, the sooner the better. It takes time for our bodies to build up the properties of each blend, maximizing the benefits for you and your baby.