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Trimester Two Pack

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A blend for Morning, Noon and Night designed to support the unique challenges and needs of your growing bump during the second trimester. Each blend works to help reduce common side effects and boost overall pregnancy health.



A blend for morning, noon and night!

Nourish from the inside out with the powerful combination our specially formulated trio of Trimester 2 blends.

The powerful combination of these 3 herbal blends work together to help you to feel refreshed and energized by limiting headaches and easing symptoms like insomnia and constipation. Packed with essential minerals that will protect your teeth and bones, boost your skin and nail health and regulate your blood pressure it will help you stay physically resilient so you can enjoy this special time in your pregnancy.


A blend designed to ease digestive discomforts and reduce bloating. PuriTea acts as a helping hand to your digestive system during your second trimester. The active ingredients will cool and calm your system, reducing fluid retention and bloating.


A blend designed to refresh and boost essential minerals. The high antioxidant volume of ActiviTea helps you to feel refreshed and energised during pregnancy. Its abundance of vitamins and minerals helps promote healthy hair, nails and skin and contains calcium to help your baby’s developing teeth and bones.


A blend to relax and restore the mind, body and soul. Ease muscular aches and pains, calm the nervous system and restores the body with essential vitamins and minerals.

Relieve irritability, support your heart and deliver a dose of iron and calcium – vital minerals for the development of your baby.

The rose hips in this blend contain vitamin E, selenium, manganese, B complex vitamins, magnesium and potassium. These elements provide an effective boost to your immune system, helping protect you from colds and infections that can drag down your already tired body.


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