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Meet The Team


The MaterniTea Team are highly experienced industry professionals dedicated to supporting the overall health and well-being of women throughout each stage of their pregnancy journey. Together their combined experience has allowed MaterniTea to create a world class pregnancy program that supports every stage in a holistic approach to pregnancy health and well-being.


MaterniTea Director & Founder – Tracey Seymour

Tracey is a Certified Australian Tea Master and Aussie mum who discovered a passion for the benefits of Herbal Tea during her pregnancy.

After struggling with the common side effects of pregnancy herself, not to mention a traumatic delivery experience with her daughter,  Tracey became inspired to learn as much as she could about improving the experience of pregnancy through the use of Herbal Organic Tea (or H.O.T Mum blends as she likes to call them).  However, her vision for MaterniTea didn’t stop there. Tracey wanted to ensure that women are not only supported naturally through the use of her herbal tea blends but also through expert Diet, Nutrition and Exercise Programs especially tailored for pregnancy. 

After travelling the world consulting with a team of professionals in women’s health, fertility and Naturopathy, she assembled a team of experienced professionals to bring MaterniTea to life.

Tracey’s has one very clear vision for MaterniTea – To help as many women around the world have Happy Healthy Pregnancies & Beyond.


MaterniTea Dietitian – Michelle Nearchou

Michelle is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist with the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA). Michelle enjoy all aspects of nutrition, with a particular interested in maternal nutrition and assisting those wanting to change their lifestyle to make lifelong improvements to their health.

Michelle can help to keep you up to date with new research and guide you through your pregnancy to ensure you are meeting your nutrient requirements and gaining the appropriate amount of weight for the best health and pregnancy outcomes for you and your baby. She takes the time to listen to what her clients really want to achieve and works together to develop a plan individualised to each client, taking into account their individual skills, budget and specific goals. Having completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology, Michelle holds a strong interest in using techniques including motivational interviewing to work with clients in reaching sustainable long-term behaviour change.

Each consultation will be individualised to your nutritional needs and as a result providing a holistic approach to creating balance in your nutritional health. Topics covered include; goal setting, individualised nutritional requirements, mindful eating, food composition, label reading,  meal planning, creating supportive environments, individualised nutrition requirements, eating out, maintaining weight and therapeutic diet implementation (diabetic diet, cholesterol lowering diet, hypertension diet, low FODMAP diet, specific nutrient deficiencies, VLED ect).  


MaterniTea Dietitian – Chloe Horne

Chloe is a qualified Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) and member of the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA), having completed her Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics through the University of Sydney. Chloe has experience in a range of clinical conditions ranging from Obesity to Malnutrition, Diabetes, Hyperlipidemia, Food intolerance’s and IBS. Her clients span a range of lifestyle groups, ages and ethnic backgrounds. 

Chloe is passionate about women’s health and nutrition and is dedicated to providing our MaterniTea Mums with the highest level of nutritional advice and guidance tailored to the specific needs of each stage of pregnancy. Ensuring both you and your bundle of joy can achieve a happy healthy pregnancy and beyond.



MaterniTea Naturopath – Gabrielle Jansen

Gabrielle is a Naturopath, Herbalist and APNA approved Trained Teacher in Natural Fertility Gabrielle, assisted in the creation of the MaterniTea blends, she loves women’s health, research and everything to do with medicinal plants! 

Gabrielle completed her training at Southern Cross University and went on to develop her clinical skills in acute and chronic health at a leading natural pharmacy in Tasmania.

Gabrielle’s enthusiasm for women’s health led her to specialise and complete comprehensive training in Natural Fertility Education. As well as being a Naturopath Gabrielle is also an APNA approved Fertility Awareness Teacher passionate about helping women understand their bodies and fertility.

In addition to her Naturopathy practice, she worked at a Biodynamic Herb Farm and studied Horticulture to really understand herbal medicines from the ground-up, that is; growing, manufacturing and dispensing.

When she’s not in the garden, she loves to be on the road, traveling and connecting with the international Herbal Medicine community. Her own academic research on fertility and herbal medicine has been published in the Australian Journal of Herbal Medicine and presented at conferences both overseas as well as at home. In the past few years she has attended conferences and workshops in the UK, USA and South America which continue to broaden, deepen and develop her relationship with plant medicines, women’s health and healing. 

Gabrielle is excited to bring her unique experience to the MaterniTea team that empowers and nourishes women on their incredible journey to motherhood.


MaterniTea Naturopath – Clara Bitcon

Naturopath and Herbalist Clara brings deep knowledge of holistic health and botanical medicine to MaterniTea. 

She has worked with women throughout all stages of pregnancy using the wisdom of herbal medicines, whole foods and creating a lifestyle that supports the natural process. Clara has a very nurturing, holistic and scientifically rigorous approach.  She received a Bachelor of Naturopathy from Southern Cross University and has undergone further specialist training in women’s health with Dr Aviva Romm, a herbalist, midwife and doctor with over 30 years experience.

She is a registered member of the Naturopaths and Herbalist’s Association of Australia.Clara has traveled to many corners of the the world volunteering on herb farms, has won awards for her clinical and research work and ran a private naturopathy practice in Melbourne  in women’s health. She then met a wonderful man. Found herself living on the sunny shores of Sydney and joining the MaterniTea team.  In her spare time Clara can be found hiking the national parks of Sydney, nose deep in a novel or cooking away in the kitchen.

Little Brewers Director & Founder – Sienna Leyshon

A just 9 years of age, Sienna studied and trained to become Australias youngest ever Certified Tea Blender. With a passion for tea and the benefits different herbs can offer, she wanted to share this love and knowledge with other kids in a way she knew they’d love it too.

Working in consultation with the experts, a year later Sienna went on to create the Little Brewers Kids Tea range. Sienna wants to aspire children to follow their dreams and passions and not be bound by age.  She hopes to educate children and their parents about the benefits of natural ingredients and how they can support a healthy lifestyle.

MaterniTea Exercise Physiologist – Marc Seymour

Marc is a university qualified Exercise Physiologist who traveled the world working as a strength and conditioning coach for some of the world’s leading professional basketball and tennis players.  Marc also founded and continues to develop Australia’s leading exercise physiology and preventative health company. His vision of enabling people to live life to the fullest is something he lives and breathes daily across his business with his clients and staff alike. With close to 20 years in exercise, health and rehabilitation, his experience covers a diverse range of clients which includes pregnant women looking for practical safe exercise programs, those looking to lose weight after their pregnancy and helping women struggling to fall pregnant create healthy exercise and eating programs that support reproductive health. Marc’s skills are an invaluable asset to the MaterniTea Pregnancy Tea Program and Team.