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What our MaterniTea Mums Think…

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MaterniTea keeps mums feeling their best throughout every stage of pregnancy.


“Every day in my first Trimester I struggled with nausea and headaches from morning sickness, until a friend let me try her StabiliTea blend. It somehow magically calmed my stomach and helped me feel energized and able to get through my day. Now its a must have for me and I recommend it to anyone suffering morning sickness”.    Rachel – Southern Highlands Australia


“The MaterniTea blend I love most would definitely have to be PuriTea. One cup of this after a meal or when I’m feeling sluggish helps me feel less bloated. Its delicious and refreshing too”.   Caroline – Sydney Australia


“My little one absolutely loves your  BambiniTea. I give it to her chilled in her sippy cup and she think its juice. Its great warm when they’re sick too. It makes them feel special that they have their own special tea just like mummy. A great way to keep them hydrated too!”  Kim- Sydney Australia


“MaterniTea how can I thank-you enough. Your blends are AMAZING! I can literally feel the difference in my body, I’m less bloated, less tired and I love having my SereniTea Blend each night before bed, It helps me relax and sleep well. I love MaterniTea!”   Jacqueline – Melbourne Australia


“WOW, just WOW. Loving having my own personal dietitian who knows ME personally and helps me with my diet and meal plans. I have so many food intolerance that trying to stick to a healthy diet through pregnancy felt like an impossible task until I met Chloe. She keeps me on track and helps me find food choices that my body can handle but also provide the nutrients my baby needs.”  Kaitlin- New York USA


“I’m really enjoying the MaterniTea Pre-Pregnancy Fertility Blends and the excellent advice the Dieticians have been able to provide about what foods I should and shouldn’t be including in my diet to help me fall pregnant. I feel alot better too.  Its comforting to know I’m setting my body up right so when I do fall pregnant my baby has the best chance of being healthy. Thanks MaterniTea.”  Vanessa -Sydney Australia