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MaterniTea is passionate about supporting happy and healthy pregnancies. Everything we do puts the health and welll-being of mum and bub first. From healthy and nutritious drinks, bath salts and expert advice from dieticians and naturopaths, MaterniTea has you covered.

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MaterniTea Program

Loving your MaterniTea? Sign up to our monthly program and get regular tea deliveries and ongoing health, nutrition and exercise advice. Plus a special gift from us when your baby is born.

Health Consultations

Our Dietitian’s and Naturopath’s can help you deal with pregnancy related illnesses such as gestational diabetes or personalised natural remedies that are healthy for you and your baby.

Mama Blog

We publish regular articles answering all the burning questions we know you have leading into this amazing, yet often terrifying moment of your life. Written by people who have been there!

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