Bleeding Gums During Pregnancy

Bleeding Gums During Pregnancy

There are so many things we are warned about during pregnancy, things to avoid, watch out for, and be aware of. But did you know dental hygiene is also one of them?

You may have noticed since becoming pregnant that your gums have become either red, swollen, tender or perhaps bleed easily when eating or brushing?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone if have noticed this change.

In fact, it happens to around 50% of all pregnant mamas-to-be and is actually known as pregnancy gingivitis.

This inflammation is a mild form of gum disease and is partly caused by pregnancy hormones which make your gums to become more sensitive to bacteria in plaque. Plus, the increase in blood flow makes the gums more swollen than they would usually be.

For some women, who may also find you develop a small bump/lump or nodule on your gums that tends to bleed when you brush.

This relatively rare lump is called a pregnancy tumor or pyogenic granuloma. Pretty scary name I think for what is actually something fairly harmless.

These Pregnancy Tumors can actually pop up anywhere on the body during pregnancy but they tend to mostly show up in the mouth – ouch!

They can grow up to 3/4 of an inch and usually appear in an area of the mouth where you have gingivitis.

Generally mild cases of gingivitis won’t cause any harm to the baby and by following good hygiene practices you should be able to manage it and get it under control.

However, it’s important to point out that severe gingivitis or gum disease can actually cause preterm labour or low birth weights with some studies even suggesting a link preeclampsia.

So… What’s the best way to manage dental hygiene during pregnancy?

Firstly, you want to make sure you are really brushing your teeth thoroughly but gently at last twice a day preferably after each meal if possible.

Secondly, consider using a fluoride or alcohol-free mouthwash to help wash away some of that hard to reach bacteria hiding away in sneaky spots. Just be sure to find a mouthwash that’s mild and won’t burn or irritate your gums further.

Thirdly schedule an appointment with your dentist for a thorough check up and gentle clean. I highly recommend doing this prior to trying to conceive also, as you may be able to address any dental issues or have work done that would not be safe during pregnancy.

Outside of your regular dental appointment, be sure to act quickly if you notice your experiencing tooth pain, very painful gums, bad breath or gums that bleed a lot.

Its important to act quickly to avoid infection and lasting damage to your teeth and gums.

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