Green Bosch – The best pregnancy herbal tea

Green Bosch – The best pregnancy herbal tea

You may have heard about a herbal tea recommended for pregnancy called Rooibos? What you may not have heard, due to its rarity is Green Rooibos or otherwise known as Green Bosch.

This super-herb is exploding in popularity with the health conscious. Although hard to find and quite expensive, it could quite possibly be THE most beneficial beverage a pregnant women could consume.


Green Rooibos or Green Bosch is harvested from the same South African plant as the traditional red rooibos but is processed differently. Whereas the red rooibos leaves are bruised and oxidized, the green rooibos leaves are specially treated to prevent oxidation, leaving them closer to their natural state.

The resulting brew is considerably higher in anti-oxidants, trace minerals and nutrients, when compared to traditional Red Rooibos and still naturally caffeine free.


The tisane is lighter bodied with a natural sweetness and fruit notes. This natural sweetness and low tannin content ensures a smooth, never bitter brew. Similar flavour profiles of a black tea, it is one of few herbal teas that can also be consumed with milk.


Green Bosch may be enjoyed anytime, but is particularly beneficial after a meal as the anti-oxidants are known to counteract any toxins in your body from your food and help your body to absorb more of the essential vitamins for pregnancy such as iron.


1- Alleviates Pain

Green bosch tea contains antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce inflammation and muscular aches and pains, common during pregnancy and post birth recovery. The anti-spasmodic compounds in green rooibos tea help to alleviate abdominal pain such as stomach cramps by activating potassium ions throughout the body.

By reducing inflammation, green rooibos tea can also aid in treating the painful symptoms of arthritis. Its high in vitamin C, which works to repair collagen and connective tissue in the joints, affected by the extra weight during pregnancy.

2- Strengthening your bones

And possibly your baby for that matter, by increasing the mineral content of your bones, most notably calcium, zinc manganese and fluoride.  Green Rooibos tea contains the flavonoids luteolin and orientin, which studies have shown have the potential to increase mineral content in bones.

3- Digestive Support

It’s common to have nausea and vomiting during the first trimester. Plus, the change in estrogen levels can mess with your digestive system.

Traditionally, green rooibos tea has been used as a digestive aid because it can alleviate tummy problems and make it easier to eat.  The compounds in Green Bosch such as quercetin, orientin and vitexin help to relax the digestive system and relieve feelings of discomfort. The tannins in green rooibos tea have the potential to reduce symptoms of diarrhea.

4- Immunity Support

Green Rooibos tea also has beneficial effects for the immune system. It’s chock full of vitamins and minerals that help support immune function and fend off invading pathogens that can make you sick. Green Rooibos may be effective in eliminating pathogens that cause stomach upset and diarrhea safely during pregnancy.

5- Supports Heart Health

Green Rooibos Tea is excellent for heart health and helps to keep blood circulation pumping smoothly. Containing the chrysoeriol flavanoid that is a bronchodilator, this compound is also an effective agent for lowering high blood pressure and increasing circulation.

6- Skin Care

Green Rooibos tea contains alpha hydroxy acid, which is one of the main ingredients in skin treatments such as chemical peels that you can get at your dermatologist’s office. Not particularly common in foods, alpha hydroxy acid in green rooibos tea can aid in your skin care routine, help to reduce wrinkles and protect your stretching pregnancy skin.

Green Rooibos tea offers a soothing effect, by reducing irritation and redness resulting in more even-toned skin. It also contains zinc, which has shown potential to help treat common skin conditions such as eczema and acne.

Green Rooibos tea contains superoxide dismutase, an enzyme that works to produce healthy skin cells that keep you looking young longer. This enzyme works well with other antioxidants in green rooibos tea to help fight free radicals that can accelerate the aging process.

7- Reduces Gestational Diabetes Risk.

Aspalathin works against alpha-amylase – an enzyme that plays a role in raising blood glucose. You’ll get these benefits whether or not you already have diabetes. However, if you are at risk, Aspalathin will help keep your blood glucose in check.

8- Can be enjoyed hot, cold or in between.

One of the wonderful things about this delicious tea is that its naturally sweet and light taste means it’s very versatile. Perfect to enjoy chilled during the warmer months or as an alternative to plain water that’s packed with health benefits for the Mummy to be.

This amazing super herb is sourced by MaterniTea from reputable farmers to ensure its 100% organic and of the highest quality.  You will be hard pressed to find this ingredient in many retailers. That’s why MaterniTea creates the best organic herbal pregnancy teas in the world.

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