How to handle Christmas parties when pregnant

How to handle Christmas parties when pregnant

The holiday period can be different when you’re pregnant. You can’t enjoy a champagne or two, and the thought of spending hours on your feet isn’t too inspiring.

You don’t have to give the festivities a miss. Here are our favourite tips for surviving Christmas parties when pregnant and still having a lovely time.

1- Soda Stream Your Drink

Missing your glass of Christmas wine? Health regulations recommend abstaining from alcohol completely when you’re expecting and this can be a struggle at Christmas.

For a festive fizz, replace the champers with sparkling iced tea. Prepare your tea, then once it has cooled, pop it in your soda stream or mix it with soda water. Add some pieces of rockmelon, strawberry or watermelon and you’ve got yourself a fruit cocktail to make your spirits bright (without the actual spirits).

2- Snack table strategies

A lot of the foods which should be avoided when you are pregnant make their way onto the buffet during Christmas lunch.

To be on the safe side, avoid the soft cheeses like brie and Camembert. Munch on some crackers, crudites and dips instead.

Other things to avoid include shellfish and oysters, plus you should be very wary of deli meats and bbq sausages, especially if they have been out of the sun. These foods, along with fresh sprouts like alfalfa, can host a form of bacteria called listeria. While the risk is low, it is best to leave them off your plate till baby arrives.

Ensure everything you eat has been cooked properly and if you’re worried about what will be on offer at Christmas parties when pregnant, pop a few snacks in your handbag before you leave home.

3- Holly Heartburn

Another thing to look out for at Christmas parties when pregnant is indulging too much on all of that delicious Christmas fare. You’ll be more likely than usual to experience bloating and heartburn.

These issues are common in the last trimester no matter how much you eat. If you are already suffering from indigestion, make sure to stick to small portions and avoid anything too rich. Try to eat slowly, choose the healthier options and limit your portion of Xmas pudding!

Eaten too much? It is Christmas after all! To ward off the bloating and stomach aches, try PuriTea. A cup of this blend contains spearmint, nettle, ginger and peppermint, and can be enjoyed either warm or chilled. Enjoy a brew after lunch on December 25th to settle the post-lunch burn and have a merry Christmas.

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