Trimester Three, Baby and Me

Trimester Three, Baby and Me

In the last three months of pregnancy your bub is getting longer, fatter and more energetic. You will be feeling heavier, more fatigued and most likely have an urge to slow down and and get your home and personal life into order in preparation for your new arrival.

Here’s some fun facts about your baby and your pregnancy in the third trimester:


1- Women gain an average of 5kgs in the third trimester.

2- Your baby’s eye will open at 28 weeks.

3- You baby can suck by 32 weeks, which mean if born now they would be able to feed naturally.

4- Your baby drinks and pees in the amniotic fluid; the entire volume of this amniotic fluid recirculates every two to three hours.

5- Your baby’s intestines are lined with a thick, greenish-black sticky substance called meconium, which will become your bubs very first poo.

6- In the last 10 weeks of pregnancy your baby will gain half of their final full-term weight.

7- The hormone, relaxin, causes your feet to become wider, longer and this change may be permanent.

8- At 40 weeks the placenta is the size of a dinner plate.

9- Around 80% of dads to be fear they won’t be able to be useful enough when their partner is labour

10- Only 5% of babies are born on their due date, so be prepared in case you go early and don’t panic if you go over your due date. It’s an estimation not a deadline.



Its the homestretch Mama, but you’ve still got so much work to do. The last months of pregnancy can be the hardest with fatigue, aches and pains, sleep problems and the anticipation of the arrival of your baby.

Our Trimester Three Pack has been designed especially to support the gestational needs, challenges and demands of this stage of your pregnancy.

By gently strengthening and toning your uterus with our raspberry leaf tea CapaciTea, boosting your immune system, providing a natural energy boost with our ActiviTea blend and relaxing the body and mind at night with our SereniTea blend, you can ensure your final months of pregnancy are more enjoyable and manageable.

Not to mention the support the properties of these amazing herbal teas will provide when it comes time to deliver your baby and start the healing process.

Order your TRIMESTER THREE PACK now and supercharge your pregnancy and birth preparation.

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