Pregnant & Swollen?

Pregnant & Swollen?

Ankles looking more like cankles?
Feet and hands swollen making it difficult to wear rings and certain shoes?

If you answered yes, chances are you’re mama to be in Trimester 3!!

So why does this happen?

Swollen ankles and feet known as Edema happen in pregnancy because your body is holding on to more fluid than usual.

The additional pressure your uterus puts on the blood vessels in your pelvis affects the large vein on your right-hand side which receives blood from your lower limbs.

This pressure slows down blood circulation in the area and causes the blood to pool.

Pressure from this trapped blood forces water down and out through your capillaries and into the tissues of your feet and ankles.

This water is normally absorbed by your body, however during pregnancy, you retain more water, which adds to the swelling.

You will probably find that as the day progresses the swelling tends to get worse.

There are few simple things you can do to help reduce Edema which include:

1) Put your feet up whenever possible, as this will help with your circulation.

2) When resting at home, try to lie down on your left side, as this takes pressure off the large vein.

3) Try not to stand for long periods of time.

4) Exercise regularly, especially walking, swimming or using an exercise bike. This will help keep your circulation flowing.

5) Massage, If your skin isn’t too tight and painful, ask someone to massage your ankles and feet, using upward strokes towards your knees. This can help to move the fluid away from your feet.

6) Drink more! It may sound crazy but by ensuring your well hydrated your body will not store extra water. One way to do this is by drinking specific herbal pregnancy teas.

MaterniTea Pregnancy Tea

MaterniTea’s specially formulated Trimester 3 herbal tea blends have been designed by our team of Naturopaths, Dietitians and Certified Australian Tea Master to help reduce fluid retention and aid in decreasing the swelling and inflammation of the muscles, joints and soft tissues during this stage of pregnancy.

In addition, the powerful combination of the three blends, one for morning, noon and night, helps you gently prepare your body for labour, by helping to strengthen and tone the uterine, assist with reduce blood loss during birth and boost your immune system to help protect from infection.

A simple yet highly effective solution that has been used by mothers to be for hundreds of years.

Get your Trimester 3 Pack today. 100% Organic, Caffeine free and available in loose leaf or pyramid tea bags.

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