The frightening link between poor dental hygiene and premature birth

The frightening link between poor dental hygiene and premature birth

Did you know dental hygiene can be toxic and lead to premature birth in unborn babies!

It’s frightening but it’s true!

Healthy teeth and gums are even more important during pregnancy than ever before.


The hormone progesterone present in pregnancy causes your gum tissue to soften and therefore when you brush, eat something sharp or crunchy, your gums are far more likely to bleed and become infected.

Research has shown there is a link between gum disease and premature birth in unborn babies.

The bacteria that cause the infections within the gums release harmful toxins into your blood stream and therefore into the placenta. This can affect your baby’s growth and development.

This same dangerous infection can also cause inflammatory chemicals to be produced which can cause your cervix to dilate and trigger premature contractions.


Despite this, it’s really important not to stop brushing to avoid causing your gums to bleed. In fact, you should be brushing, flossing and gargling more often to reduce plaque and food build up which can cause your gums to become infected. Just try brushing a little more gently after each meal.

A diet rich in vitamin c and calcium will help your body fight off infection and strengthen your teeth and gums. Foods such as yogurt, milk, cheese and fresh fruit and vegetables will help.


Our MaterniTea Pregnancy teas, developed by our team of Naturopaths, Dietitians and Certified Australian Tea Master have been designed to help support the many sides effects and challenges of pregnancy including dental health, not only in pregnant women but their unborn babies.

The essential vitamins and minerals are superior in helping prevent gum disease by reducing inflammation, providing high antioxidants and antibacterial properties.

In addition, calcium found in our pregnancy blends helps strengthen and support your teeth and gums in their temporarily vulnerable condition and protect and support the healthy development of your baby’s bones, teeth and gums.

All our pregnancy blends are designed specifically for each Trimester of pregnancy to help support the challenges and needs of each individual stage.

Each Trimester pack includes 3 delicious 100% Organic herbal tea blends, one for morning noon and night to help you enjoy a happy healthy pregnancy.

Available in Loose Leaf or Pyramid Tea Bag.

It’s never too late to start your MaterniTea Journey. So get your Trimester pack today and start feeling the difference.

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