The Power of a Tea Ritual During Pregnancy

The Power of a Tea Ritual During Pregnancy

OK So First…What is a tea ritual?

The ritual of drinking tea is common in many cultures. It is associated with a moment of peace, a social platform for connection or an energy pick-me-up.

The Japanese tea ceremony is one of the more famous tea rituals commonly known. I was told some time ago by a Japanese tea master that they refer to their ceremony as “chado” which loosely translates to “the way of tea”.

And…The History Behind the practice

It was common practice in warring times that before any battle decision was made, the war council of both sides would sit for chado together. The mindfulness required to sit in ceremony allowed the warlords to invite wisdom and peace into their decision.

It was considered dishonorable to enter into battle without having a cup of tea with your enemies.

Now…Tea Ritual for modern day Mamas

Whilst you mamas-to-be are not warlords (although if you have a couple of little ones already you may feel war councils are not too far off from the truth! ) it’s a beautiful example of the power of bringing your attention to the simple act of preparing, brewing and drinking tea.

10 minutes is all it takes to settle in, calm the mind and have a moment to balance and nurture yourself. All stages of pregnancy (including preparation and post-partum) are enhanced when we take notice and check in with our body and baby. Our fast modern times make these opportunities sparse. Couple that will the long list of to-dos often required when expecting a bub and it’s easy to miss the opportunities altogether.

One of the oldest forms of medicine is the humble cup of tea. It is an alchemical combination of water, fire, herbs and our intention. An old saying in herbal medicine goes that there is an extra 20% of space in the teapot for you to fill it with your intention.

So…Make it happen with MaterniTea Pregnancy Teas

Herbal teas when consumed in safe, regular doses can provide gentle physiological support for all stages of pregnancy. These plants have been used for thousands of years to support the physical and emotional discomforts of pregnancy.

When combined with a sense of ritual it brings in a daily reminder of what special task you are undertaking. MaterniTea has created a curated range of teas to bring this old wisdom to you in a way that you can seamlessly weave into your busy modern life. Even if that is sipping on your tea for five minutes in bed, in the staff room or even on the train. Its about taking a few precious moments for yourself as you relax, enjoy and connect with yourself. The power of doing this little ritual brings an important relief from stress, allows your mind to settle and the sense of happiness that is all positive for you and your growing baby.

We want to bring you nurturing moments that you can carry throughout the day, throughout your pregnancy and throughout your motherhood journey.

by Clara Bitcon BNat(SCU) MNHAA

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