Top 10 Male Fertility Hacks

Top 10 Male Fertility Hacks

V for Virility!

Donʼt think we’ve forgotten about the gents.

While weʼre really passionate about nourishing Mums for a happy and healthy pregnancy, the truth is, we couldn’t do it without the boys… There are many factors that lower virility, that range from biological to psychological, including stress, anxiety, depression, poor nutritional status, the impact of drugs or alcohol and impotence.

Letʼs take a look at the ways in which a man can optimise his health and virility as he prepares for paternity, ensuring your bub gets the best start possible.

  1. Nutritional needs

While there are many nutrients required for production of healthy sperm, inadequate intake of these nutrients will have the most profound impact on vi. Zinc critical for sperm and testosterone production. Naturally found in Oysters. Anti-oxidants protect sperm from free-radical damage which can impair motility and function. While a varied diet rich in fresh fruit and vege will contain a lot of antioxidants, additional intake of Vitamin E, Selenium and Vitamin C may be useful – check with a MaterniTea Naturopath or Dietician about additional dietary supplementation.

  1. Eat

A varied nutrient-rich diet based on organic whole-foods, include adequate protein at every meal in the form of eggs, legumes, lean meat and fish. AVOID saturated fats, junk food, soft drinks.

  1. Don't stress... sweat!

Stress negatively impacts hormone production including testosterone, stress can also lower libido and impact mental health. Exercise Cardiovascular work-outs that elevate the heart rate like cycling, swimming or jogging for 40minutes most days of the week help you de-stress, produce endorphins making you feel good and improves virility. Meditation Has been proved to assist anxiety and depression and improve mental health, putting you in the best place for the big changes as you look towards father-hood.

  1. Sleep

Crucial for general health and well-being, adequate sleep has a massive effect on reducing stress and anxiety and promoting positive mental health.

  1. Assess environmental toxins

Exposure to drugs, pesticides, herbicides and industrial waste topically as well as internally can impact virility. Assess your work and home environment and reduce your chemical exposure.

  1. Booze bust

Alcohol Reduces blood levels of testosterone and slows sperm production impairing their development and maturation. Alcohol also impacts libido, if youʼre trying for a baby, best leave the beers alone.

  1. Cut the caffeine

While caffeine has a clear impact on a womanʼs fertility and your developing baby, there is conflicting evidence about the impact on sperm health. However, excessive caffeine consumption can put a strain on your adrenals and impact your ability to rest and sleep. Cut down to one caffeine-containing beverage a day and opt for those high in antioxidants like Green Tea.

  1. Quit the smokes

Cigarettes Quitting now ensures your long-term health and it means youʼll be a healthier dad for your kids. Smoking causes DNA damage crucial for sperm production. Research indicates heavy smoking by fathers increases the childhood risk of Leukemia for kids and shortens the reproductive lifespan of daughters.

  1. Keep em cool

Excessive heat can affect sperm production, regular hot tub or bath use has been linked to lowering sperm count. Hot Lap-top? Writing for hours on a lap-top that is directly on-your-lap, may be causing sperm damage. Use a barrier between the computer and your lap.

  1. Add ViriliTea from MaterniTea to your drinking routine

ViriliTea plays an important part in nourishing men’s endocrine system. The fresh blend of ingredients also aids the pituitary, adrenal and thyroid glands, which are all involved in hormonal balance. By regulating this part of their body, men are able to produce better quality sperm for conception.

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