Top 10 reasons you should be having regular skin-to-skin contact with your baby

Top 10 reasons you should be having regular skin-to-skin contact with your baby

Skin to skin contact means placing your naked baby (all except their nappy), directly onto your bare chest.  Taking the time to relax quietly with each other like this has invaluable bonding and health benefits.

Why you should be having regular skin-to-skin contact with your baby…

1- During skin-to-skin contact, your baby’s heartbeat and breathing are more regular and stable.

2- Babies who have regular skin-to-skin contact digest their food better.

3-Skin-to-skin contact helps your baby to pick up friendly bacteria from your skin which protects them from catching infections.

4- Skin-to-skin contact helps to trigger breastmilk production.

5- One hour of skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth helps a baby to feel significantly less stressed after the trauma of birth.

6- Babies who have regular skin-to-skin contact tend to cry less than those who don’t.

7- 37 Degrees Celsius is the normal body temperature. During skin-to-skin contact your body temperature helps to regulate your baby’s temperature to keep it at the right level.

8- Skin-to-skin contact helps establish breastfeeding as your baby is better able to smell and sense the nipple encouraging them to feed.

9- Releases a hormone that lowers Mum’s stress, promotes postpartum healing and can help to lower a Mothers risk of postpartum depression.

10- Skin-to-skin contact can help to calm an upset baby.

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