Why stress is ruining your chances of falling pregnant

Why stress is ruining your chances of falling pregnant

Sex is not a chore!

If you’re a woman on a mission to conceive it can be easy to forget that sex is meant to be enjoyable and fun. With the goal of making a baby firmly in your mind you may be subconsciously putting too much pressure on your partner or yourself, which ironically can have the exact opposite effect of what you’re trying to achieve – making a baby!

Try not to become too clinical about sex. Yes, there are optimal times to conceive and it does take a little planning and preparation to ensure you’re getting busy at the right time in your cycle but sex shouldn’t be limited to a strict schedule or time frame.

You may find that by only having sex at your peak fertility periods it actually puts a lot of pressure on your partner to come up with the goods and produce sperm on que and this distress can have an adverse effect on his ability to get-it-up not to mention ejaculate. Make sure you enjoy some stress-free sex outside of your fertile window too.

Loved Up and Lubed Up

The more you enjoy sex the more lubricated your vagina will become, making it easier for the sperm to travel through to its goal destination. Plus, the more you enjoy it, the more likely you are to have an orgasm…High fives all round!

The female orgasm is just as important as the males in many ways. It’s thought to be an evolutionary device designed to push the sperm up into the cervix as the uterus contracts.

If you climax up to one minute prior to your partner or not at all, your body will actually retain less semen than you would if you both came at the same time.

Stress is a libido crusher

Pressure to conceive can have a downward spiral effect on many couples especially if it’s not happening for you right away. It can take some couple up to year to fall pregnant and this is not uncommon. Some couples find that the pressure to conceive creates anxiety and discord in what was previously a happy well functioning relationship. This can lead to a diminished desire for sex from either party. Our bodies are actually programmed to deal with our stress before prioritizing making a baby. So stress is counter-active in producing the hormones required for reproduction.  Try to use this time to spice things up a bit and make sex even more enjoyable than usual. Try different times, positions or places, whatever floats your boat.

Climax regularly

Did you know that if a man ejaculates regularly it encourages the production of quality sperm? Just what you want for making a little human right?

There has been research in the past that showed abstaining from sex for up to seven days can boost the number of sperm but the problem with this is, abstinence also can impair the sperms swimming ability. The longer the period of abstinence the more effected the sperm will be.

Not to mention the more likely your partner is to climax much earlier than you, which means your less likely to reach orgasm together which helps waft those little sperm up in to your cervix.

What you want for conception is healthy strong little swimmers who can navigate the perilous journey to reach your fertile little egg waiting for its arrival.

Raising a child is challenging, it requires support, respect and love for each other that starts well before the child is born.  Help each other through this journey to conception now and you’ll be setting the foundations for great parenting in the years ahead.

Help him help you

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