Baby Massage – simple 6 step guide

Baby Massage – simple 6 step guide

Some Mums will opt to take their baby to a professional baby massage class however there is no reason why you cant take a DIY  approach and find the soothing power of at home baby massage that works for you and your baby.

Massaging your baby has real health benefits:

  • It reduces stress hormones
  • Can ease the symptoms of cold, colic and teething
  • Improves your baby’s muscle tone
  • Stimulates growth hormones.

The benefits dont stop with baby though. There are many benefits for you as the parents too. Giving your baby a gentle massage can help you to relax and research suggests it can help alleviate post natal depression.


The best time to engage with baby massage is after bath time or first thing in the morning when baby is refreshed and calm.

Be sure to place your baby in a nice warm room and rub organic baby oils or lotions into your hands first to warm them up and ensure your hands gently glide over your babys skin.



A baby’s legs are much less sensitive than their hands or body, so it makes sense that this is the best place to start so it wont startle them.

Using a little bit of warm up oil, wrap your hands around one thigh then gently pull down towards the ankle, one hand after another. A similar motion to milking a cow. Squeeze ever so gently as you go and then repeat with the other leg.


Gently rotate each foot – one at a time, a few times in each direction. Stroke the top of the foot from ankle to toes.

Using your thumbs, trace small circles firmly over the soles of each foot, be careful not to tickle the foot. Then take each precious little toe between your thumb and pointer finger and gently pull until each little toe pops out of your grasp.


Starting at the armpit and heading towards the wrist, make the same motion on baby’s arms are you did with the legs.

Then take each hand and gently rotate the wrist in each direction .

Using your thumbs, trace circles firmly on the palms of each hand, again be careful not to tickle. To finish make the same motion with each little finger as you did with the toes.


Place your hands together palms down on the centre of the bays chest and stroke outwards in large circles. Repeating this motion a few times. Place one hand flat on your babies chest and stroke downwards to the thighs and repeat using alternative hands in a downward motion.

If your baby suffers from trapped wind, gently stroking the tummy using clockwise motions can help to alleviate and reduce this uncomfortable condition.


Place your baby gentle onto their tummy. Using your fingertips trace small circles down the spine. Then switch to longer strokes, similar to what you did on the chest. Taking your fingers from the shoulders and down the length of the back to the feet using a rhythmic motion.


Turn your baby back over and give them a loving smile and cuddle. Your bub may be ready for a feed and then bed.

Our MaterniTea blend BAMBINITEA is especially designed for bubs. If under the age of 4 months and breastfed, the soothing, calming properties are passed through the breastmilk or if your baby is able, a small amount after 4 months can be given directly.

BambiniTea can help relieve colic, wind and an upset tummy in bub. It also has a natural calming effect that can assist bub to relax and sleep better.

The anti-inflammatory properties can help sooth painful teething gums and the antibacterial properties can help fight off germs and infection.

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