What's in a name?

What's in a name?

What's in name? Well, as you’ll soon discover – quite a lot actually!

Deciding on a name for your baby can be fun but it can also be really difficult.

As well as trying to agree on a name that both you and your partner like, it can feel like everyone around you has their own opinion.

You may have friends who say they have chosen a particular name for their baby and therefore don’t want you to use it. There may be family traditions on either side where a name is passed down through the generations. You may like a name but then meet someone else's not-so-pleasant child with that name and viola it's ruined for you.

One method of choosing a name is for both you and your partner to write down a list of names that you think you like, then swap your lists and talk through what you do and don’t like about each name on the list.


  • Does the name sound right when pair with the surname?
  • Will you be choosing a middle name also and how does that sit with the name as a whole?
  • What will the initials be? e.g. Ryan Aaron Toleman will become RAT!
  • How will you spell your child’s name? It can be tempting to be creative with an alternative spelling but will that make life difficult for your child in the future?
  • Are the meanings or origins of the name important to you? If so find out what the meaning is in case its not something you want to call your child after all.
  • What will the shortened version of the name be? Eg, Jessica to become Jess. If you are not someone who likes names shortened or don’t like what your child’s name could be shortened to, it may be best avoided as especially in Australia, Its common to have a nickname or people refer to your name as a shortened version.
  • What's your back up name? You may actually find once your baby is born he/she doesn’t look like a Ava or Noah to you.

These days there are online name lists with literally thousands to choose from or you can pick up plenty of baby name books in bookstores. Perhaps try find one from an antique book store for something a little quirky? Either way, try and have fun with it and don’t let the stress of name affect you, your baby or your relationship.

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