Pregnancy can be a real pain in the back

Pregnancy can be a real pain in the back

Top 5 ways to manage back pain during pregnancy…

Back pain has to be one of the most common complaints of pregnancy especially in the second and third trimesters.

It can be debilitating and leave you feeling irritable and depressed.

It may be obvious to say, that in general, this is a reaction to the increase in weight, the changing of your posture and the lack of strength you may have to maintain neutral posture therefore putting pressure on your back and the laxity of the joints that are an intergral part of pregnancy.

There is strong evidence to suggest that women who are active and exercise regularly are far less likely to suffer from extream back pain than those who don’t.

Our MaterniTea Exercise Physiologist Marc, gives us his expert tips on how you can manage and reduce the discomforts of back pain during pregnancy and keep yourself healthy and mobile.

1- Stay Strong

An Appropriate strength training program that firstly improves posture and secondly promotes overall strength for all areas of your body will help your muscles manage the weight gain and most importantly address the changing posture of the body and take the pressure off of your back.

A strength training program is best done in the gym as the equipment can help you best perform the most appropriate exercises, but a home based strength program can also be performed when done correctly.

Regular walking or cycling will keep blood flowing and your muscles active and strong.

2- Sleep

While your resting or sleeping, place a pillow between your legs to ease the stress on your back. Try shaped pregnancy pillows that give your belly and back support at the same time.

3- Stretch

Poor flexibility affects your posture and causes stress through your spine. Most pregnant women get tight through the hips, butt and legs. Poor flexibility results in the body playing tug of war with itself with the result being back pain. Having good flexibility will release tension and help your back muscles to relax and avoid getting too tight.  Stretch as often as you can. If you work in an office, get up and walk around and lightly stretch every hour so to release muscle tension and keep blood flowing through your muscles and joints.

4- Sit up straight

Use the back of a chair to keep your back supported. Use a small cushion at the base of your Lower back to fill the space between your back and the chair, this will help further support your back. This is really important especially if you have a job that involves sitting at your desk all day, make sure your desk and computer is ergonomically correct.

5- Relax

Every Trimester pack of MaterniTea Pregnancy Tea blends contain SereniTea-  A herbal tea designed to help relieve muscular aches and pains, reduce stress and anxiety, calm the nervous system, reduce inflammation and promote quality sleep.

Try a warm bath with a cup of SereniTea at night to help your body unwind and replenish itself. Your muscles will enjoy the warmth and help them release.  This also helps you to sleep.

Pregnancy Tea Support

All MaterniTea blends have been designed specifically for each Trimester of pregnancy with a blend for morning, noon and night to help support the many challenges and needs of each stage.

100% Organic and Caffeine Free designed by a team of Naturopaths, Dietitians and Certified Australian Tea Master to bring you the best natural pregnancy support in the market.

Get started with your MaterniTea Trimester Pack today. 


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