The First Hours & Days With Your New Baby

The First Hours & Days With Your New Baby

They say no-one can ever really prepare you for what its like to become a parent, which for the most part is true. But there are somethings that are particularly helpful and interesting to know before you give birth.

1- Just after giving birth, you may vomit or shake all over. This is quite normal and usually nothing to be concerned about.

2- Afterpains are the clamping sensation of your uterus as it begins to contract back or when you baby is breastfeeding. These can sometime hurt just as much as labour contraction pains.

3- The first time you go to the bathroom can be very uncomfortable, may sting and be tender to touch. You may feel scared to push when doing a poo especially if you have stitches. A spray bottle to wash your self with clean warm or cold water can be a very handy tool to pack in your hospital bag.

4- After birth bleeding known as Lochia can be quite challenging, if if using larger sized pads. This can come as quite a shock to many new Mums as the flow can be quite heavy for a number of days and even weeks. Pack big comfortable underwear, plenty of pads and changes of clothes to cater for leakages.

5- Bonding with your newborn isn’t always immediate. For some new Mums it can take some time to really connect.

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