Pregnancy Hair – Will it all fall out after baby?

Pregnancy Hair – Will it all fall out after baby?

Pregnancy hormones have a lot to answer for when it comes to most of the unwanted side effects of being a mum-to-be. However, if there is any payoff for your suffering, its that you’re most likely enjoying the most luscious goddess-like locks of your life.

So why is this?

During pregnancy, there is generally an increase in both nail and hair growth, with thanks to the soaring levels of hormones; progesterone and oestrogen.

Your hair can also feel thicker or more dense during pregnancy because of the slowing down of the normal progression of hairs from the anagen (“growing stage”) to telogen (“resting stage”) of the hair growth cycle.

This slowing down process therefore, creates an almost ongoing stage of growth.

Is my lovely new mane here to stay?

I wish we could say that these lustrous locks were here to stay as perhaps a thank you from Mother Nature herself for all your hard work during pregnancy, but… all good things must come to end I’m afraid.

Approximately 1-5 months after giving birth to your baby , the amount of hairs on your head sitting in the telogen (“resting stage”) will increase. This is when your hormones start to level out and your hair will remain in the resting stage for around 3 months before falling out and new growth begins.

How much hair loss is normal?

If you hadn’t just had a baby, losing around 80 hairs a day is normal but new Mums will shred around 400 hairs a day. By around 6 months post partum you can expect the hair loss to return to its pre-pregnancy amount.

You may notice it gradually or in clumps which can be a bit scary at first, especially if you’re not expecting it.

Hair loss can also appear much more extreme for women who experienced greater than normal hair growth during your pregnancy.

Will ever get my old hair back?

Most women will return to their normal hair growth cycle between 6-12 months post birth but it may take up to 2 years to return to normal.

You may notice for a while that you have wispy flyaway tufts. annoying for styling of course, but these are the new baby hairs coming through and will need time to grow and blend in with the rest of your mane.

Can I do anything to stop postpartum hair loss?

1- Start by ensuring your iron, ferritin, vitamin D, blood sugar and zinc levels are all normal.

2- Do as much as you can to reduce stress and get sleep when you can – easier said than done, we know!

3- Eat a diet rich in protein to aid in healthy hair growth.

4- Massage your scalp with a nourishing treatment. This will help old hair shed and stimulate blood flow to the scalp to encourage new growth.

5- Avoid drinking too much coffee / caffeine. This can interrupt your sleep and circadian rhythms and make your most stressed and anxious and sleep deprived which can affect your hair.

Pregnancy and new motherhood can be an exhausting and stressful time. We highly recommend switching your daily coffee (or a least one or two cups) to our ActiviTea blend.

Its absolutely packed with antioxidant rich nutrients that promote healthy blood circulation, fight free radicals and nourish the hair skin and nails – Plus it will help give you a caffeine free energy boost to help you through your day.

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